Friday, August 5, 2011

Laurel's Design Deli: Crowdsourcing in My Face

The following post speaks very well to the fair pricing dilemma that faces professionals in many fields in this global economy. In particular, as a fellow graphic designer whose stock in trade is original, customized professionally executed graphic design – be it a logo or anything else – I find the proliferation of these cattle call design sites where potential "clients" dangle their project out there like dipping a baited hook into a lake stocked with starving fish to be a real threat to the industry. Please read this whole post as it is really well said and actually has a happy ending to boot.

Laurel's Design Deli: Crowdsourcing in My Face: "I recently had an experience that brought home the crowdsourcing nightmare currently infecting the design world. For those unfamiliar with t..."

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